The November update by Microsoft for Xbox One consoles offers a plethora of new changes and capabilities, comprising the capability of directly streaming from Amazon Music.

Amazon Music Now Accessible On Xbox One


The application is accessible for Xbox One consumers from this week for users located in the United States, as per a media release. More nations are likely to be included “soon,” but there is not a solid launch date just yet. Amazon Music joins Pandora, Spotify, YouTube, and iHeartRadio as applications that people can employ to stream music. Amazon Prime users can employ the new Xbox One application to stream at no additional cost from their library, as per Microsoft. The application is available now in the Xbox Store.

On a related note, Microsoft earlier claimed that it is operating on its next-gen Xbox console that is likely to arrive in two parts. This might be a conventional gaming console and a lower-fueled console that might run on Scarlett Cloud (the firm’s cloud computing platform), as per the media report.

The conventional console might operate with domestically processed games. On the other hand, “Scarlett Cloud” will stream games from cloud computing service of Microsoft named Azure, claimed the media in its report. The costing and specifications of the conventional console are being rumored to be in its early developing stages, but the streaming Xbox that might be powered on Microsoft Azure is expected to have a less price tag in comparison to the conventional console.

Microsoft declared earlier this year in the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) that they are operating on next-gen gaming consoles. “This might lower latency in all aspects of the game too. If a multiplayer game is employing Azure as its major server, the console working on ‘Scarlett Cloud’ will be nearer physically to the multiplayer server leading to less latency,” claimed the report.

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