Wyoming Basketball Coach Search: Day 11

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Today was another action packed day in the search for Wyoming Basketball’s next leader. Early this morning a UW plane left Laramie for Eugene, Oregon to interview former Metro State national champion coach and current St. Johns assistant Mike Dunlap. Dunlap is a personal favorite of mine because I think he would utilize a high tempo offense with a pressure defense that would use Laramie’s altitude to our advantage. He is a solid X’s and O’s coach who can recruit and is the ideal man to lead Wyoming out of the black whole we are in.

Then late this afternoon once AD Tom Burman returned from Oregon, he released a letter to the fans through the Wyoming print media. You can take a look at the letter HERE courtesy of the Casper Star. I don’t have a major problem with what Burman says in  this letter but I do believe it was unnecessary. Telling the media basically to back off to retain the privacy of the search is not the best of moves. I understand his desire to want to release something to the public as UW fans are becoming restless due to the length of the search and all he needed to do was release a statement that said something to the tune of: “The university is working very hard to fill the head basketball coach position with someone who we believe can restore the tradition of Wyoming basketball. I thank you the fans for following this process closely as it shows you are the best fans in America. We hope to finish up the search shortly and introduce a coach the state of Wyoming can be proud off”. Now how hard would that have been? 

If privacy is such a key issue to Burman, why fly a UW plane and hold interviews in places where the interviewee can be reasonably deducted? If his goal was truly to keep the identity of the interested coaches a secret why not hold these meeting’s in third party locations like most universities do? Taylor could have been interviewed in Atlanta and Dunlap in San Fransisco or Seattle and who exactly Burman was interviewing would have remained somewhat of a mystery.

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13 Comments on Wyoming Basketball Coach Search: Day 11

  1. DC says:

    He’s basically telling us to back off and let him hire someone that sucks, because it’s obviously he’s going to make some lame retread hire that doesn’t get it done. These names are underwhelming to the nth degree.

  2. gowyogo1 says:

    Well let me reiterate this point again. Yes I think Schroyer was not very good, but I also think it is time to start looking for a new A.D.!!!!! Burman is a secretive little weasel. Everybody knows when he was hired that he wanted to get rid of McClain so he could hire Schroyer. That was his number one agenda!! With that being said I am not sure that the longer it goes is really that bad. There are still 2 pretty fine coaches out there and they both grew up in Wyoming and have done coaching stints in Wyoming. I also feel they both would be a great fit and stay very loyal to the program. So Burman wake up and smell the coaching vacancy, Call Cox and/or Gosar you moron, give a wyomingite a chance.

    • DC says:

      VCU is teaching people a lesson. You don’t NEED to worry about loyalty. Shaka Smart will probably leave. But they’ve established a winning program because their pipeline of good coaches come in from well-respected programs, know they’re going to get treated right and they do well and go elsewhere. From Stan Heath to Anthony Grant and now Shaka Smart, VCU is teaching us that you don’t NEED to worry so much about “being used” as a mid-major. If you do what’s right, treat people well and the coach WINS, the job sells itself.

      The guys being mentioned for this job so far as the favorites are seriously the wrong guys for the job. They might be guys you all can relate to, but they’re going to stink up the joint because they won’t be able to recruit D1 kids. We’ll get the same old Big Sky formula of a bunch of JUCO transfers, D1 kids that couldn’t hack it elsewhere and a few token Wyoming kids who aren’t D1 ready and we’ll continue to stink.

      Burman isn’t being a visionary here and it’s going to make fans of the Pokes suffer as a result. So let’s just dispense with all of the talk about the need for a “Wyoming guy” because if we hire some JUCO coach or the dude that coached at Montana out of loyalty, we’re going to regret it when we’re firing him in three years because he couldn’t hack it.

      Joe Glenn was loyal, a guy I loved as a person and a hell of a coach…in FCS and D2. But his teams underachieved and we suffered. So sure, let’s go get another one of those for basketball.

      • cowboytough says:

        Again I agree with you DC! I wrote a while back we don’t need a Wyoming guy and the type of coach we need is a winning coach. If the coach wins and moves on so what? It will then be easier to bring in another quality coach because the previous guy showed you can do well at a place like Wyoming.

  3. Cactus Pete Anderson says:

    Mike Dunlap was one of Pete Newell’s Best friends and is probably the Best Bigman coach in College basketball today. We had him as a co-headcoach at Arizona for one season and he got us to the Sweet Sixteen! Our Center Jordan Hill was a first round Draft Pick that spring.Bring him back out West where basketball is the Best. Mike’s too good for Lavin and the St. John’s crew. ~Cactus Pete

    • cowboytough says:

      Thanks for your comments Cactus Pete! If we are able to land Dunlap it would be a major feat for sure, he is a top notch caoch and person. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

  4. FoCoFan says:

    You guys that are complaining about Burman need a reality check. Get off his case. McClain needed to hit the road. I agree Schroyer turned out to be a bad pick, but Football coach was a good choice. Burman cares greatly about Wyo sports and is doing a good job. I doubt if any of you have sat in the AD’s chair and know anything about the process. Be patient and let him do his job.

  5. beer song says:

    Cowboy Tough you got linked by a Tucson paper for this article. Way to go.

  6. SaltWYO says:

    I like the coaches we are talking about. Dunlap and Taylor I think would both be good coaches and a good fit at Wyoming. Did I read that they talked to Dave Rice and he is not interested? That is too bad cause I think we would be excellent.

    • cowboytough says:

      Reports said that Dave Rice turned down the chance to talk with Wyoming about the job, so i think it is safe to say he was on their list.

  7. SaltWYO says:

    Sounds like Ernie Kent is high on their list now too. And they are offering big time money from what I understand.
    Check out the web site.

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