Wyoming Bowl Prospectus Revisited

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We are down to Sheep week and now it looks like a certainty that the Pokes will be bowling.  However, the question of where remains as murky as ever.  Interestingly enough the outcome of the game on Saturday will likely have little to do with where the Pokes end up but I would like to reiterate for players and fans alike that the game on Saturday means way more than any bowl game so GO POKES! BEAT THE SHEEP!
Back to the bowl game scenarios:

The MWC has four bowl tie-ins, the Las Vegas Bowl, the Poinsettia Bowl, the Independence Bowl and the New Mexico Bowl and the bowls pick their teams in that same order.  The bowl games get to pick whoever they want from the conference so long as they are eligible.  This means that a third place conference finish does not guarantee a bowl game. So lets dive into some scenarios:

Wyoming to Vegas:
The Vegas Bowl will almost certainly get the winner or the second place MWC team.  Even if the Broncos or the Frogs go to a BCS game the other will almost certainly land here.  The Vegas Bowl looks like a stretch for the Cowboys at this point.

Wyoming to San Diego:
This scenario is alive and well.  There are many ways that the chips can fall that would cause either Boise State or TCU to go to a BCS game.  If that happens then San Diego would just need to want the Cowboys more than the Falcons or Aztecs.  Wyoming travels well to San Diego so they would have a great shot.

Wyoming to Shreveport:
Hard to get a beat on this one.  Many are projecting the Pokes to end up here but I can’t imagine the Cowboys would travel well to Louisiana on the day after Christmas.  This could lead the Independence Bowl to go with the Falcons instead, as there is an Air Force base right around the corner.

Wyoming to Albuquerque:
This game appears to be as far as the Pokes could fall.  If the Cowboys are still on the table by the time the New Mexico Bowl picks then they will get snagged.  The New Mexico Bowl was a blast two years ago (I was there!) and interstingly enough I believe it had the best game-day temperature/weather of every outside bowl game that was not the Rose Bowl that year.

The chances of the Cowboys landing in a bowl outside of the afore mentioned four is still possible but rather slight at this point.

The big question for the week is whether teams will lose to make way for Boise State or TCU to head to a BCS game.  Lets not forget though – BEAT THE SHEEP!

Games to watch:
Houston vs. Southern Miss (Houston has to lose for TCU to go to the BCS)
Wisconsin vs. Michigan State (TCU needs to jump two teams – the loser of this game should provide one)
Baylor vs. Texas (This could provide the second team if Texas wins)
Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma St. (If Houston loses and Oklahoma loses then Boise State has a decent shot at an at large pick if TCU does not manage to move up two spots in the BCS)


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