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Mountain West Toxic Tuesday: Final Standings

The Mountain West regular season is over and we can say congratulations to the Air Force Falcons for being the Mountain West toxic differential champions with a score of +30 edging out the Boise State…Read More

Mountain West Toxic Tuesday: Week 13

The greatness of the toxic differential is the more time in a season that passes the more accurate it is. The cream should rise to the top and finally in week 13 the cream has arisen to the the top of…Read More

Wyoming Bowl Game Prospectus

With two weeks to go the Cowboys are eligible to attend a bowl game, but where they go or whether they go has yet to be decided.  The bowl picture for Wyoming is murky at best, regardless of what they…Read More

Mountain West Toxic Tuesday: Week 12

Just two more weeks left in the Mountain West football season and just one more game for a few teams like TCU, Air Force and New Mexico. Over the weekend Wyoming jumped into a tie for third in the toxic…Read More

Mountain West 3rd Quarter Grades

The season is almost over and it is time to look at how everyone is doing.  Some teams can’t wait for the offseason while others cannot wait to see what December/January brings.  These grades are representative of…Read More

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Wyoming vs Air Force Preview

Saturday’s matchup features the nation’s 4th ranked rushing offense against one of the nation’s…Read More

Know The Foe: Air Force

Nickname: Falcons Colors: Blue and Silver Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado Stadium: Falcon…Read More

Wyoming vs TCU Review And Grades

The snow arrived late.  The Cowboys showed some guts Saturday and took another step towards the top…Read More

Conference Expansion: Don’t Hate The Players, Hate The Game

Just two years ago before the shuffling of cards in the college football conference affiliation game…Read More

Mountain West Conference Midseason Grades

Given that there is no Cowboy game to grade this Monday, we will instead reflect on the conference as…Read More

Mountain West Touchdown Production

Here is a fun visual to think about.  I realize that the image is a bit smashed together but when you…Read More

Mountain West Toxic Tuesday: Week 5

Over the weekend in which the Pokes had a bye week there was little change to the Mountain West toxic…Read More

Offensive Improvement

I believe this is the second time this season that I have used this title.  Last time it was a hope…Read More

Wyoming vs Texas State Football Preview

After narrowly escaping a disastrous start to the 2011 season the Cowboys have a chance to build on their…Read More

Toxic Tuesday: Week One

At the end of the 2010 football season we calculated the “toxic differential” for each of…Read More

Wyoming Football Youth In Comparison To The Mountain West

In an interview after the first practice of the fall, coach Christensen talked about the youth on the…Read More

Mountain West Should Release The Full 2012-2013 Conference Schedule

   The Mountain West has once again dropped the ball and the conference leadership is not providing…Read More

AFA v Wyoming Preview

The Cowboys take on the Air Force tonight at the AA (8:00pm MT tip-off) and will be looking to avenge…Read More

Wyoming vs Air Force Review: Three Up, Three Down

This Wyoming Cowboy team sure looks different when there isn’t a top ten team on the other side…Read More

Wyoming vs Air Force Player Of The Game

On a beautiful fall day in Laramie the Wyoming Cowboys were defeated 20-14 in their 2010 MWC opener.…Read More